Get the Tangle Out of Your Ship Building

Do you feel like you are being punished every time you sit down at your modeling bench?

Are you experiencing problem after problem scratch building model ships?

Even the best of scale modelers feel like they have opened a case of bilge water when they start a ship model, even if it is a “simple” plastic kit.

Negative thoughts like this can be demoralizing at best when you are looking at a three foot box containing 15 sheets of plans with instructions in Italian.

What looks to be 250 pieces of stripwood, several different sizes of doweling, a box of brass fittings and a liberal supply of thread of differing dimensions.

That’s what it was like when I built my HMS Beagle wooden ship model.

You no longer need the deftness of a surgeon or the vocabulary of an old salt to build realistic ship model.

The world of model kits has undergone a revolution, with new techniques in injection molding leading to vastly improved scale accuracy and surface detail beyond comprehension.

In ship modeling today, this has resulted in a new form of the hobby somewhere between the traditional build-from-the-box simplicity to the time-consuming demands of fabricating everything from scratch.

This new manual comprehensively demonstrates these new innovative techniques and is an essential guide to a contemporary approach to model making.



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