Shed Build Recreates N Scale Derelict Shed

At the first glance, scratch building an N Scale dilapidated shed might be pretty straight forward , after all who among us naturally builds straight walls, a nearly collapsed shed should be pretty undemanding. but then again, that depends… Years ago, my modeling activities included construction of just such a shed for an N-Scale layout and it was perched towards the back as it was grossly oversized. But it caught my wife’s attention and she snagged it for a living room knick-knack.

She really enjoyed pointing it out to visitors and explaining the shredded tarpaper roof was actually painted toilet paper.In our recent redecorating, the little shed seems to have lost its way back to its conversation piece status; in reality it is lost.

A perfect excuse to build another (this time more accurate in scale) using individual planks instead of scribed siding and share the build with readers. It is also an ideal small gift for my wife to cover some Pandora beads she can add to her bracelets.

The most difficult part of modeling a dilapidated shed is dealing with the sway-back roof. You don’t bend an N Scale 4X4 wooden ridge pole very far before it snaps. If you go to styrene, you end up with a lot of tension in a very short distance.

Instead of either, I opted for a small piece of styrene sheeting, cut the desired slope of the end-walls and then cut the swale I wanted.

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