How To Get The WOW Factor
Back Into Your Scale Modeling

Upgraded 11/11/11 in Honor of all Veterans

Is your modeling missing out on the acclaim, admiration, applause, appreciation and commendation

so many others seem to find so easy?

Let me help you.

I'll show you how you to can learn these simple steps so you can create magnificent stationary scale models of ships, cars, trains, planes and and out of dioramas.

Some times all it takes is a little real guidance from someone who has been there, done that, someone who really understands the creative process and writes about it every day.

As founder and editor of Scale Modelers Handbook I have researched, collected and written hundreds of tips and techniques that can help you polish your modeling efforts and win more praise for your work.

After talking to modelers throughout New England, other parts of the country and even other countries, I have seen the creative and technical struggles they face, similar to the ones I faced myself.

So I’ve broken down the main problem areas that all modelers experience and distilled them into techniques you can use to enhance your modeling skills.

Instantly download this Model Masters Tips Log.

This log book details uncommon techniques that most other books fail to elaborate upon, and explains it to you in super simple, and easy to follow steps.

Plus it contains a secret password which unveils 3 more ebooks, software and other modeling resources including detailed plans for the Squedoo—all available at no added cost.

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