Raul Guzman’s Trafalgar Diorama
Worth More Than A Few Clicks

We are proud to be able to refer you to examples of spectacular ship modeling with large numbers of clear, detailed photographs.

Raul Guzman is a remarkable modeler in Texas and his newest project, “Trafalgar Diorama” brings this historic sea battle to a realistic focus and shows what it must have looked like on the HMS Victory.

This diorama depicts realistic scenes of surgeons applying the critical care demanded by early 19th century during intense battle action.

Raul’s work has appeared on Scale-Modelers-Handbook.com in the last couple of years with a model of the U.S.S Monitor’s gun turret . This 1/32nd scale diorama is a cross section of the HMS Victory from keel to quarterdeck and includes the completed ship’s hold, the orlop deck. Guzman will work on the lower gun deck next.

Raul has well over 1,000 hours in this diorama and it has required him to develop skills in figure making, modifying figures and painting. It is a small section of the ship but when finished it will have over 20 figures depicting aid to the injured in battle during the early 1800s.

You can learn a lot from the detail at this scale so take some time and visit The Trafalgar Diorama.

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