Take Off The Training Wheels

As a webmaster, you always tend to assume everyone has your level of experience and understanding when it comes to navigating your creation and getting the most out of it with the least amount of effort and time.

I just got through reading a website usability study that tracks actual web page viewing by tracking eye motion of users visiting hundreds of pages and it got me to thinking about my website, www.scale-modelers-handbook.com which has garnered positive testimonials from modelers around the world.

What’s scary about this is discovering a self-critiquing website like this after you have written over 100 handbook articles for this website and find you’ve violated basic (unspoken) tenants.

I realized it might be helpful to provide potential visitors with a Quick Stop guide to getting the most from www.scale-modelers-handbook.com.

1. This site is in a constant state of flux based on years of modeling, both good and bad. I am adding anywhere from 5-10 pages per week. When you check into the site, click on the What's New Here button in the left column. It will save searching through over 110 pages to find out the latest additions.

2. You can also check the bottom button in the stack. It is liable to be among the latest of additions, but there are more listed on the What's New Here page as it includes related pages that don't have their own button.

3. Try to interact as much as possible. There is an awful lot about scale modeling I have never heard about. Your input is so valuable to an old codger like me in determining what is currently important to modelers.

4. Let me know your preferences. I will be conducting Mini Polls right here at the Guide—always under 3 questions, always anonymous. From the Home Page, you can always tell when there are new Interactive elements or opinion polls as the date of the update will appear on the Navigation Bar button which will look like

Once a couple weeks pass this button will be "batching it" (dateless).

5. Another important page is the Download Center where I post various FREE Resources located at sites where I have visited researching Scale Modeling. I like the opportunity to share and be grateful for what is is I have right now. This page is password protected (to prevent Spammer interaction and that password is available at no charge by subscribing to my monthly newsletter, No I am not selling the list. You will only ever receive a once monthly tip sheet from me on modeling.

Based on experience, try to visit the download center once a month to keep up with the additions. I stumble across these frequently and add them, as quickly as possible.

Hopefully this will help make Scale-Modelers-Handbook.com easier for everyone to use.

Reg Hardy
Chief Cook and Bottle Washer

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