Vacuum Cleaner Accessory to save Money & Time

by Brian S
(Mackay, Qld, Australia)

I'd like to add a little suggestion for you about using a vacuum cleaner.

These are not easy to find but they are absolutely fabulous & so handy for the Hobbyist & Tradesmen as well as just for the home owner.

I have had one for several years that I have used for general use around the home as well as for hobby & work bench use. I have also recently purchased another one just for my dedicated work bench vacuum cleaner.

As well as really extending the life of vacuum bags, this accessory picks up any small parts or screws that you may have dropped. It also stops items that would block the vacuum cleaner hose although sometimes they get caught in the wand below this accessory. In general use, it requires emptying fairly often because it only holds a cup full of material.

This fits onto the common, round, 32mm or 35mm diameter wand at the top & has a cup to hold dust & grit. As air comes in, it swirls around & all the heavier material & a lot of the finer dust gets left in the cup rather than going into the bag. The cup is normally transparent so you can see what is in it without removing it.

If you are picking up fine dust or shavings, then it will still separate most of it before it reaches the bag. Since fine dust quickly coats the inside of a dust bag & clogs it, which requires it to be replaced even though it is still "empty" then this can really save money & save the inconvenience of constant bag changes.

In general use, it requires emptying fairly often because it only holds about a cup full of material but this is minor inconvenience compared with filling bags quickly or having to “paw” though the dust in a vacuum cleaner to find a part or screw that you need that got sucked up.

I have inded some links below to show the type of product I am talking about. Perhaps you could contact them for permission to use an image.

SMH Responds I have actually had a small version of the object completed meet up the plastic that I picked up at a dollar store it works really well small parts.

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Aug 13, 2015
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Nov 04, 2013
Crawling Around NEW
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Way better than crawling around - may cost a bit more, but worth the trouble - plus your work space is probably cleaner...saves money on knee surgery .............

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