Vine Coverup Hides Multitude Of Mishaps

I ran across this idea on the N Scale forum at Railroad Line Forums in a post by Unionjack May 5, noodled it for a while and came up with a great method for disguising cracks between modular panels of a ClicKitMod structure.
I borrowed a spool of my wife’s thread, cut a handy length,placed it over the business end of a Glue Stick and held it tight with my thumb while dragging it through the glue. It is not nearly as messy as it sounds.

Making vines using Scortch Glue Stick

For the next step I took the sticky thread and draped it in a pile of Woodland Scenics Fine Turf. (I used burnt grass, but the choice is yours).

Roll it a couple of times to be sure you get good coverage.You don’t want to pack it on, there should be plenty of gapsso the turf resembles leaves. You can always go back for more.

Remember that glue stick you used earlier? You’re going to need it again. (The more I use these sticks of permanent adhesive with paper, the more I like them).

Threaded vine using glue stick adheisve

Draw the glue stick along the corner up to about half the building’s height. Use the edge of the stick and draw an upwards sweeping line spinning off a second “branch” without running over a door or window.

Nowpress your vine along the corner up past your “branches”. Take your utility knife with the No. 11 blade and carefullyraise your vine from the corner just below the branch to give it a little depth perspective
Stuck in place

Take a couple more vines and apply them to the glue branch trails.You are free to modify this scenario in any way that suites yourbuilding and your own preferences. It will work mid-wall or on corners.

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