Wasa build took 2,737 days
Results Stunning

At 73, I probably won't soon be planning the 3,700 mile trip to Stockholm, Sweden and as a scale modeler, you may not have it on your schedule so as an alternative, I'd like to introduce you to the best scratch build of the Vasa that has come to my attention. In a word--Fantastic!

Since I first started dabbling with ship models I have drooled (no, not because I am 73) over photos of the Vasa, originally built as a warship fit for a Swedish King in the early 17th century. It sank on its maiden voyage.

Wasa build proves value in taking your time

Some would be crass enough to say "what a waste" but without shipworms found in other parts of the world, most of Vasa's timbers survived over 330 years until the 1960s when she was raised and reassembled for her final home in a Stockholm museum.

So today, I run across an announcement from Clayton Johnson that after 7.5  years he had finished his scratch build of the Wasa . That's  2,737 days. This is a modeler deserving all the attention he gets.

His website is at: 


Take some time when you visit, there is a lot to learn here.

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