Web Business, The Second Half

Lets continue with the scale modeling analogy to more finely tune an outline of Building a home internet business.

This is not just learning to build a website, what you will learn is an Essential Life Skill for today's climate of decreasing job security and increasing reliance on the Internet.

This is a 10 weekly three-hour session course for aspiring entrepreneurs to learn and do everything required to graduate with a new online business or an improved existing one.

That income-generating outcome is what makes this course so unique. Students create a Web site... and a high-potential business of their own.

You can benefit from this course about online business if you are:

* starting a new home business online
* wanting to sell your modeling services on the web
* using a website to display and sell your modeling projects
* wanting to improve your company's web site results.

Speaking of results, here is an unprecedented look at home business successes.

Hundreds of profitable SBI sites

At this point in your training you will have registered your domain name and are getting ready to get started in a trend that will shape the Internet for years to come; the SBI C>T>P>M ... building income through content.

This is the construction phase of your website integrating simple-to-use tools and your BAM! Brains and Motivation. You will create a professional look and feel (in modeling you'd call it painting and weathering).

You will be building pyramid fashion building from the home page down to several tier 2 keyword focused pages each dropping links to related tier 3 keyword focused pages.

Your HomeBusiness Prospectus
Business Building for theReluctant Entrepreneur 
SiteBuild It! CourseOutline
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WhoCares About Your Business

...Get Started with Site Build It, Today - Risk Free

I suggest the best way to know if SBI! is for you is to give it order it risk-free, today! You can use SBI! for up to 90 days, risk-free, and get your money back if you think it all sounds like a bit too much like hard work (and you might!).

I firmly believe in SBI! as a great way to succeed online, I really do. I wonder if, one day, you'll agree with me...

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