eBooks Make Learning Easier, Less Costly

We have found eBooks to be the easiest form of learning and making use of tutorials on the various facets of scale modeling and their advantages far outweigh their nominal cost (cheaper than a magazine).

-Text can be searched automatically, and cross-referenced using hyperlinks. This makes e-books an excellent choice of format for works that benefit from search and cross-reference capabilities, such as dictionaries, reference works, certain kinds of textbooks.

-No environmental resources are consumed by e-book replication, cutting down on paper and ink production. Nor do e-books require replacement due to wear and tear; there is no risk of damage, vandalism or degradation of the pages.

-Transfer of eBooks occur instantly. Readers can begin reading at once, without the need to visit a bookstore Here is a summary of the benefits you receive with eBooks:

1) instant product downloads

No shipping costs, no waiting

2) Adobe Acrobat .pdf format

PC and Mac compatible

3) e-Book format limits file size

No extra space for self serving comments

4) FREE Adobe Acrobat Reader

Allows reading on computer or PDA

5) No printing, binding and publishing

Cost savings passed on to the reader

6) Page navigation simplified

Electronic bookmarks, table of contents

7) PDF is the preferred format for documents

Anyone, anywhere can open these document regardless of what browser is being used

8) Easily print as many copies as you need

No more trying to type instructions from a hard cover book.

9) Font size is adjustable

Makes for easy reading with troubled eyesight

10) e-Books have scroll bars

Easier page turning, they don't stick together

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