Paints/Adhesives Improve Modeling Efforts...Safely

Hobbies can be messy and in some cases dangerous. Paints and adhesives are nothing to treat lightly.

Modeling often involves painting really small detail parts like grab bars, or N Scale people faces and hands. Instead of gripping them with a pair of tweezers make a masking tape loop around the eraser end of a pencil. The sticky tape surface will hold the item being painted and you have the rest of the pencil as a hand holder. Before all of your painting brushes aren’t good for anything but clearing glue tube openings, take a few moments after a job to wash them in hot soap and water and in case they are already too hard leave them in fabric softener and they will be softened to a new state.

Glue is something else that requires care in its use.

Learn to respect the power of super glue to avoid accidents. Removing super glue is a lot of hard work. Super glue can be dangerous if it hardens on your fingers, mouth, or eyes.
How strong is super glue? Imagine this: a mere square inch of the stuff can hold more than a ton. That kind of strength makes super glue very useful in fixing almost anything, from broken mugs to pieces of jewelry. It's a huge problem though when super glue accidentally sticks to your fingers or stains other objects.

Here are some tips to safely remove super glue from your body.

• Immediately soak your hand or other affected body part in a mixture of warm water, soap and vinegar.
• Once you feel the bond start softening
• Swab with a cotton ball using nail polish remover that contains acetone.
• Use this cotton swab repeatedly and soak in polish remover as needed.
• If you still can’t get them apart, you will need to go to a doctor for assistance.

You will find a good selection of paints and adhesives at Hobby Emporium.

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