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N Scale Structure Rehabilitation Headquarters

When my N Scale model railroad was on its way out to be replaced by a hospital bed, there was a lot I couldn’t bear to part with and I envisioned making them centerpieces in dioramas I also had no room to display.

I still have 20-plus scratch built and kit produced structures and detail items that are layout ready you can snap up at a fraction of the cost others charge. Remember, I had the enjoyment of building them so I don’t need to extract every pound of flesh from someone else to enjoy displaying.

I am responsible for packing and shipping and I will securely bubble-wrap each structure so even if the box is thrown the contents will not move.

One of my favorites isthe Weimer GristMill, a Laser Art kit from Branchline. Right now this is incompletewaiting for your decision to power the water wheel or leave it static.Electric motor included.  Incomplete but packageincludes 5 sheetsof building parts for kitbashing.

The Fisher CoveredRailroad Bridige is about 30 miles from where I grew up in Vermont.This is a completed, scraatch built bridge and includes a 4-man roofingcrew finishing a re-roofing job.  Complete and a real eye catcher.

This can add a lot ofinterest to a small, front-of-the-layout spot for four hobo-built"homes". Package is complete with four N Scale hobos and their campfirewhich can be lit with included light kit.  Complete and waiting foryou to add custom touch. Shipping Included

Town Square1
Town Square 1
This mini-diorama combines two DPM buildings which have been kitbashed with photo etched fire escapes and vines. They go well with  Town Square2
Shipping is FREE

Town Square2
      Town Square 2
This mini-diorama combines DPM's Corner Turret building with Char's Soda Shoppe separated by a vacant lot behind a wooden slat fence.
Shipping is FREE

town square statute
      Town Square Statute

Centers neatly betweentwo sets of buildings to commemorate military service

I am currently taking orders for Christmas delivery either as a finished kit, a kit with additions, or building your project from scratch. I am currently working on a scratch version of Shelby's Marine in N Scale.

I have recently found a supplier of individual N Scale planks which is a lot more realistic than scribed siding.

I will be posting pictures real soon.

footer for finished buildings page