Your Chance to Model
SeaOrbiter Before It Sails

The SeaOrbiter gives you the chance to model the future in an all- to-brief moment before this 21st Century version of Capt. Nemo's Nautilus takes to the sea later this year.

This part submarine, part research vessel projected to be 58 meters (190 feet) in height, roughly the length of a hockey rink, and is expected to cost $43 million,  and is being built in France.

We don't expect it in the Boston Tall Ship's Expo any time soon (it takes two years to cross the ocean), and it will spend most of its time beneath the ocean as a live-aboard laboratory. All the time, 50% of this vessel is beneath the surface. Designed by Jacques Rougerie, famous French architect, the SeaOrbiter is expected to spend most of its time underwater giving those aboard the opportunity to live under the sea.

From a modelers standpoint, such a vessel will test sculpting skills and his or her ability to model her lacy upper lookout deck and the trampoline deck, from the sub surface stabilization fin to the twin antenna at the peak.

It is a lot of wave-like curves and  a minimum of flat surface, the SeaOrbiter presents modelers with a challenge exceeding Nemo's Nautilus.

Believe me, someone is up to it.

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