Scale Modeler scopes His Bible
As Resource for new Projects

This section explores the Holy Bible for some pretty unusual scale modeling projects that may be done as a focused Bible study, a class project or sharing material for social media.

So far there are nine projects I would like to get done, most likely scratch built as there are very few kits that come even close to the Biblical description.

It takes a lot of research for any of these projects as the Bible wasn't written as a modeler's tutorial and in many cases, even starting dimensions are not available.

Each will be presented in an article detailing the research, planning and a proposed construction "chalk talk".

I am starting this Biblical journey after a lot of research and study, by producing my first scratch built Noah's Ark.

I have found there is no real design information which will tell you what Noah's Ark actually looked like. God gave us it's length, breadth and height and based on that, over the years, many have tried to tell us what it looked like.It is natural and even quit practical to give our ark the look of a canoe and at least provide it with a pointed bow. After all, Noah was left in charge, but did you notice, God left him no way to steer.

Much like our own lives we are left with our own will to set our direction, there are no reins and a bit to tell us where to turn.

The look of Noah's Ark was it's least important feature. It was not designed for a high-speed, controlled run into a riled up sea, it was designed to survive, simply put, to float.God did not say anything about front (bow) or rear (stern) so I found it hard to accept a pointed bow assigned by many. Besides I have planked the hulls of model ships and I wasn't looking forward to another bow.

I translated God's cubits into today's feet and inches and was left with the box-like design above which is probably as it would have appeared after months at sea.

I preferred to capture it's look just before launch, as the animals were boarding and construction was ending.

Like many topics in the Bible, it is a matter of interpretation, what you and God can agree to. For instance the location of the Ark's opening (door). Some place it at the base, others make it to encompass all three decks in height.

I like the look of an above-the-waterline look, one handy for God to reach down and close. After all He is in control.

The Bible has become a major scale modeling resource in providing examples of some of the world's greatest structures. Many were built at God's direction, some against his will, but all represented major achievements of man.

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