Dream Job Running HO Diorama
40 Hours Per Week

Talk about a dream job for a model railroader, how about chief train wrangler on a $3.5 million 70 engine, 3,400 square- foot HO diorama at the Chicago Museum of Science.

William Davidson, Jr. Is charged with operation of the 1,400 feet of tack where 26 trains are running all day. A derailment here is no small thing.

Dubbed the Great Train Story, this well-loved display at that the Museum of Science and Industry has operated for 71 years in its Hall of Transportation.

As for Davidson, according to the Chicago Sun Times, there are two key things you need to know about him.

First, the museum's trains need to run on time, well at least run. His day starts at 6:30 am with a thorough wipe-down of the 1,400 foot train route with denatured alcohol to remove dust and the previous day's running debris.

It takes 16 iPods running simultaneously to provide the system's train noises, of horns, railroad crossing bells ringing bells and even twittering birds.

Davidson spends a major portion of the day in his cluttered workshop riding herd on train engines and railcars.

They are subject to frequent breakdown because of worn parts and breakage due to a 40-hour per week running schedule, something most manufacturers ever envisioned.

Next time you are in the Windy City, take time to stop by the Museum of Science and visit the Great Train Story and bookmark a spot for us.

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