Modeling Oranizations Like IPMS See Buildup

Created By Modelers – For Modelers

Written by Matthew Stahl

In recent years, plastic modeling has experienced a glorious resurgence. Many of those who pieced together plastic aircraft, tanks, ships or motor cars in their childhood, but took time off to pursue careers and raise families, are returning to the hobby in later life and relishing what they’ve found.

With high-tech advances in mold technology, modelers are now producing scale plastic replicas that can only be described as engineering masterpieces. New clubs are forming, impressive displays of styrene jewels built by modelers are popping up at local museums, and slews of competitions are attracting new devotees to the fold, with surprising numbers of youngsters in the mix.

Along with this resurgence in groups came the need for a governing body to coordinate its interests. Founded in 1963, the International Plastic Modelers Society (IPMS) promotes modeling in all its diverse forms
Today, the Society serves over 200 local chapters (clubs), and counts thousands of members across the USA as part of its ranks.
IPMS Washington & IPMS Baltimore Mauraudercon07 Sept 15  
Sister organizations cover the major continents. No other national or international hobby-oriented group addresses the needs of the modeling community across the subject spectrum. The IPMS covers the “sport” from armor, ships, autos and figures to dioramas, sci-fi, space and aircraft. Irrespective of your personal favorite, the IPMS counts members who share that passion.

By distributing industry news, coordinating events, furnishing club-building support and facilitating networking between them, the IPMS promotes interest in this rewarding and enjoyable pastime. The Society brings practitioners of what some perceive as a solitary hobby together for fun and learning, helping them to organize meetings, outings, events, competitions, demonstrations and entertaining social functions between like-minded enthusiasts.

For cyber-oriented hobbyists, IPMS offers up a web site, where visitors can find detailed background data on the organization, links to chapters, activities at the national, regional and local levels, tools, resources, event insurance applications and much more. A members-only discussion forum features large numbers of special interest groups (SIGS) that serve up valuable tips, photos and research for skill-building and enhancing the accuracy of small-scale reproductions.

Highlights of the IPMS calendar are regional and national conventions. Here, thousands of accomplished modelers gather to compete for plaques, ribbons, prizes and recognition, to freely share expertise with fellow craftsmen, and to interact with multitudes of vendors, industry representatives and publishers. The IPMS and IPMS chapters have something to offer every modeler – new entrant, dabbler, recreational pursuer or seasoned pro. Chances are good there’s a club in your area that would welcome you as a guest at a monthly meeting and as a member long-term. No matter where you seek information, you’re certain to find plenty of enthusiasts eager to tell you how they’ve benefited from their IPMS association.

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