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First Up: The Newest Micro Plane From The UK

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Here at Scale-Modelers-Handbook, despite the fact I am well beyond "Boomer" classification I've been reliving childhood R/C fantasies (no there wasn't much R/C back in the early 40s.) but hey, it is my fantasy.

  • I wanted a cool remote control tank; didn't happen.

  • Yearned for a mini helicopter to land in my palm. Nope.

This job as webmaster for is fun!

The latest crazy hybrid super-light indoor flying plane is getting a trial. Its the Palm Z Mini Indoor R/C Airplane from Silverlit in the UK.

The Palm Z is so light that crashes don't bother it much, but it is somewhat fragile and you still need to take some care with it. Don't buy one for your careless 8 year old nephew and please avoid stepping on it. Remember the Palm-Z is intended for indoor flight only. The Palm-Z is remotely controlled via infrared and not radio waves.

As a rank beginner, I found control of this plane easy to pick up.

The best thing about the Palm Z I found was its size. Its strong enough for little ones and inexperienced fliers (they got me) and challenging enough for the more experienced fliers to enjoy it.

It is the perfect addition for board room meetings at the office:

Get yours, er, your son or daughter's before they are gone and tell them Scale-modelers-Handbook sent you. Seriously, right now you can save 35% on the Palm Z by

buying early.

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