No, This is ‘outside-the-box-thinking’

Over the past decade there have been many high tech transformations to the hobby of scale modeling and here we want to do our best to keep you in tune with the latest developments.

Creativity, frugality, and, on occasion, desperation can inspire innovative modeling uses for the cell phone. Since this is New Ground, you may find several of these ideas are pretty much 'off-the-wall'.

1. Long Distance Modeling Clinic—Can be used with your Twitter followers to provide both audio and pictorial instructions to the folks at your favorite crafts center for modeling or hobby projects. You can use images of both your contest winners or works in progress to explain your situation, accompanied with discussions of what you’ve tried and parts you’ve been using. Despite nonexistent or poorly written manuals, you can provide vocal how-to instruction. Capture images of the entire piece as well as details of gears, systems, and parts prior to making any changes.

2. Capture prototype images and dimensions-- Use digital camera portion of your phone to capture photos of the real thing, measure it and use the phone to relay both to your home answering machine.

3. Use Clamshell option as a press—Being able to fold your phone provides a reasonable facsimile of a bench vise, a glue clamp.

4. Light-weight Bombsight—This can be used to secretly target competitive flyers in RC competition from your RC version of the Enola Gay.

Long Distance Audio Critique—Similar to 1. But more for judges who can’t commute to your contest venue. They can use cell phones to view the model and then offer a verbal critique without risk of bodily injury.

6. When closed, it is a paper weight—Multiple phones are ideal for holding down corners of plan sheets.

7. Finally, A Mouse Terminator--Been finding occasional mouse droppings on your model railroad layout. Try this before the nibbling starts:

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