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Kitbashing To Personalize Models

So what does it take to crank a custom version of a 1/25th scale model sports car with a bright new finish and furnished interior and get it done in less than a day?

For one thing, you need to be organized.

Take the above pictured (click on mini pictures for larger images) 1999 Mistibishi Eclipse put together by Rob Valanda Jr., a gold member of the Drastic Plastic Model Car Club in just over 11 hours.

“There really wasn't anything difficult about this build, the only added extra detail was the plug wires, tach wire and the nitros line to the motor,” said Valanda.

Valanda’s project began life as a 1/25th Revell 1999 Mitsubishi Eclipse Tuner Series Kit.

He is one who looks for more from kit cars. This one has also been one of the most popular starting points for those who like to modify their compacts into high-powered tuners. It features a clear hood to show off the engine compartment detail, and tuner style wheels and parts. It can also be built with a solid hood.

kit version of this model

You can still turn out a quality scale model as depicted in the above photo which shows the kit build.

Many modelers come up with ingenious ways to alter kit models to produce more accurate or entirely different results than those imagined by the manufacturer. This process is known as "kit bashing," the accuracy of the results depends on the modeler's abilities and, more important, on the quality of the modeler's research on the craft.

Valanta contends there wasn't anything really difficult about this build.

"I used rattle cans to create the finish. The type of paint was krylon Mistique color to color green/silver flip flop", he explained.

Valanta concluded, "Don't be afraid to get a little creative with any build, for it is a challenge for someone to create a masterpiece. Remember one thing if you don't enjoy it, don't build it."

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