Modelers Block Can Be Quick Fix

Here's A Nine Pack Cure

If you prowl the scale modeler and RC forums long enough, you'll come up with some ideas that will take you far beyond where you ever thought you'd get.

For instance, the subject of "Modeler's Block" is one addressed quite frequently. I know, I've had it, but I never had access to such a cross section of opinion on the subject and maybe it's just as well.

All right then. Let's get serious. The predominant cause of modeler's block is self-doubt. That nagging little voice at the back of your mind that says everything you try with your current kit is no good and this is a useless way to spend your retirement.

The good news is that Modeler's Block is almost always a temporary condition and is easily fixed!

Here are nine ways to beat it.

1) Watch a movie - new, old, humorous or sad - You can be visually stimulated and inspired.

2) Take a nap - lack of sleep is detrimental to motor skills as well as concentration, halting the flow of creativity as well as make both mental and physical dexterity skid.

3) Go for a drive, even if it is just to the hobby shop.

4) Jog, take a walk, mow the grass, work out at the gym - physical exercise works wonders to reduce stress levels.

5) Take a break - do you 'have' to be modeling right now? If you're not working on a deadline, walk away from your bench for a few hours or days. You might need to distance yourself from the project at hand in order to come back at it with a fresh perspective.

6) Work on something completely different. If you are painting and weathering scale buildings, make a dramatic change. Grab your billiards cue and head for the local pool room. Such a change will release you from the pressure of the prior exercise and who knows? You might even find you have another format to explore! Stimulate your brain with a new challenge.

7) Let Calgon take you away - a relaxing shower of bath allows your subconscious time to mull over a ship models rigging discrepancy or snag. (It's also rumored that massaging the scalp can release ideas from a cramped brain... okay, maybe not, but it will help relax you.)

8) Play on the jungle gym, crawl on the floor after your toddler for 20 minutes - not just for the exercise but also for down time from life's problems and to marvel in the joy of exploration.

9) Indulge in the goodie of your choice - hot fudge sundae, a box of Tim Tams (which I've heard are quite delicious but I'll have to visit a modeler in Australia to try them), my favorite, blueberry blossoms topped with whipped cream - you might want to go back to items 6 or 4 after you're done indulging. Too many goodies are hard on the waistline.

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