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mug Brought to you by Reg Hardy, owner of the successful Scalee-Modelers-Handbook website he has been writing for the past five years. It contains over 450 pages of scale modeling articles covering scratch building. model railroading, RC Flying and RC racing/

how to turn the hobby you love into a money-making proposition. It is satisfying to create a scale model
from nothing; it is more satisfying to make money doing it. That is the ultimate high. Did you know there are
hundreds of lurkers struggling to learnwhat you know and can learn from this book. Did you know you can
generate $100s by spreading the knowledge you have in the form of DVDs, Books, Clinics and Seminars?

Discover  Howto create your own model plans without learning and using CAD andwithout becoming an engineer
That's right, there is an easy way to produce your own scratch building plans with nothing more sophisticated
than a computer.

Discover how others have succeeded in producing their own paper strucutures and vehicles, bypassing the expense
of buying and maintaining a stock of wood and plastic pieces parts.

Discover the right way to populate a scene with everything from folliage to people, vehicles and trash you cam make.

Discover  How to organize your modeling activity so you get something done.

Did You Know...

There is a way to get accurate measurements from a photograph.

This means you can stop carrying  around a big stick and trying to get it into the building photos you are taking
and instead, you can concentrate on getting a good series of  series of elevations. Do the measuring at home.

Secret#2: How can you get accuratephotographs of amodeling subject thousands of miles from
you without spending hundreds for airfare?

This means you
can stop putting offmodeling an object located across the country or across the globe
simply because you can't find a picture. Yes you can ZIP to thatlocation and get your own series of photos
the way you want without a single hour flying "Tourist".

Secret#3:  Howcan you make major improvements in your modeling skills withoutstrapping yourself
into a classroom seat and cycling through DVDs, Videos, Books andonline clinics.

This means you
will kick yourself, but more likely me, when you find out how simple this really is. You can
leverage your time, talent and money to produce better models.

For the cost of one meal out I'm going to teach you
everything you need to know to make DIY model making
a lifelong ultimate high.

Benefits you willget from this easyread:

  • Scratch Building actually contributes to an enjoybable lifestyle
  • No more depression andanxiety
  • Better concentration and focus
  • Something better thanTV

    as a relaxative

  • An opporunity to make your spare time pay off.
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book2 With The Ultimate Scratch Builders Guide, I will walk you through the process of setting up your scratch building project; scheduling it through to completion and using it and the process to generate income for you. This is something you can do if you are just getting started in the hobby, or are in your retirement years

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