Collecting Tips Guide To Finding The Rare

Collecting almost anything in scale modeling is easy and a relatively inexpensive hobby. This hobby includes the abilities to seek, locate, acquire, organize, catalog, display, store, and maintain whatever items are of interest to the individual collector.

A scale model collection is an organized display of representations or copies of an object that is larger or smaller than the actual size of the object being represented. Very often the scale model is smaller than the original and used as a guide to making the object in full size. Scale models are built or collected for many reasons.

Here are some collecting tips to keep in mind as you amass the items you treasure:

  • Keep up to speed on special collector days at your local K-Mart or Wal-Mart stores, even some local hobby shops.

  • Plan regular Internet surfing to include online auctions eBay, uBid, as well as modeling collector specific websites.

  • Keep up to date with trade magazines in your area of expertise.

  • If you are just starting, begin with the latest releases. They are less difficult to find and you can get them NIB (New In Box) more easily.

  • Find a "Master List" of the total universe of your collection to start a "Have/Want checklist along with a description of the model.

  • Join or register with online organizations or websites pertinent to your niche where you can monitor forums and chat with others with the same interests.

  • Scarcity helps determine value. Rarity is an important element of collecting. However, there are items that show up regularly, but are in such great demand with collectors, that the prices are higher than expected.

  • Original price plays a large part in determining value.

  • Keep track of overhead. Specialized mail order, retail, hobby and antique store prices tend to be higher since these establishments have overhead that must be built into the price of the goods sold.

  • The biggest collecting tip: have fun and don't overspend your budget for the hobby. Seldom will you find "the last of its kind".

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